5 Benefits of Yoga

5 Benefits of Yoga

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Over the summer, I decided it was time I start a regular exercise routine. It’s no lie to say I hate exercising. Running and aerobics has always felt so uncomfortable to me and makes my lungs and throat burn. All that aside, I knew I needed to get my body moving. I set out on a journey to learn how to enjoy exercise. In fact, it’s on my 40 by 40 bucket list! I can safely say I have officially found an exercise I enjoy; yoga! So today for “Think About it Thursday“, I want to share with you the benefits of yoga.

5 Benefits of Yoga

First of all, before you say you’re not flexible enough for yoga, I want you to put that out of your mind. Yoga doesn’t require you to be flexible. Believe me, I’m proof of that fact. Yoga also doesn’t have to have anything to do with any specific religion. Yoga does have roots in Hinduism and Buddism. However, people around the world have been stretching far beyond that time. I have focused more on the physical and mental aspect of the exercise and have kept any spiritual practice out of it. I would highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube for those that don’t want strong spiritual speech in their exercise. I would specifically direct to you 30 Days of Yoga which is where I started.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits!

1.) Stress relief

5 Benefits of Yoga

There are quite a few moments throughout where you’re instructed to be still. To breathe. How many times in a day do we actually just stop and be still for a moment? Taking this time every day can significantly decrease stress both on your body and mind. It’s easy to feel happy at the end of a yoga session.




2.) Better sleep

Since starting daily yoga, I feel more comfortable getting settled in bed. I’ve also found I fall asleep faster and stay asleep. I’m far less sore in the morning than I was before which makes for an enjoyable start to my day!

3.) Better flexibility

Since part of yoga is learning how to breathe into your poses, you find you naturally go deeper into the stretches without any strain. Doing this makes you more and more flexible as you continue your practice. I’ve definitely noticed a change in how I’m able to move and bend. There seems to be more freedom in my muscles and joints!

4.) More strength

5 Benefits of Yoga

As with most physical activity, you will become stronger. I’ve noticed I’m able to hold poses longer and use muscles I hadn’t before. You will be able to note quite a bit of a change fairly early on which I found remarkable. This will also help get you tight and toned!




5.) Better balance

Yoga focuses on your center of gravity. Through slow movements and intentional breathing, you will find yourself able to balance better. I feel like this has helped me from day to day when it comes to other physical activity that requires being good on my feet. Chase kids around during the day? This may benefit you in ways that surprise and delight you. You’ll surprise yourself when you notice you’re not falling over as much anymore during poses.

There are so many more benefits to these exercises, but these are nearly immediate trade-offs. I’m glad I’ve discovered how enjoyable yoga is. There are days it’s challenging, but even those days are rewarding! What about you? Do you exercise? What’s your favorite method of exercise? Would you be willing to try yoga if you haven’t before? What are some of your concerns?



  • I have tried yoga classes a few times and although I love the idea of the calming effect it has, I just can’t focus for an hour. And I do love stretching (for 10-15 mins). I will check out the video you recommended and see if there are short ones available to start with 🙂 I find forest walks calming, even when I’m climbing up a hill and panting away 🙂

    • Definitely look up Yoga with Adriene (I added a link in the post now). There are a TON of videos she does that are for just about every walk of life. If you like something a little more faster paced, she has that too. Her videos are anything from 10-45 minutes depending on what you’re looking for. Most of her series ones (30 days of Yoga, etc) are about 25 minutes. She has a great personality and is relatable and funny. I enjoy her a lot. I could definitely see how a set class might not be as enjoyable. With Youtube, I can find something that better matches my personal likes.

  • I’m doing youtube yoga (yoga with Adrienne) each morning when D is on his nap – it keeps me sane haha 😀 loved the post!

  • I wish I had time to do yoga I’ve been struggling since my csection and still get a lot of pain but may have to look at yoga with adrienne for shorter workouts

  • I need to be honest – I do believe yoga is a great way to get all the quiet and stretching in that you may need every day but it’s not for me! I’d rather mix it up with music, dance and have fun while at it.

  • I started doing yoga last year but then stopped due to many things but I really need to get back to it because, like you listed, it has so many benefits. I mainly use the Daily Yoga app.

  • Yoga is one of the best think in human life. There have many benefit. You fresh your mind on yoga. I have yoga guro. They teach me many yoga tips that very helpful for me. Your 5 tips is also known.

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