6 Tips to Live a Happier Life

6 Tips to Live a Happier Life

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The last few days it’s been pretty rainy and cold around these parts. It’s tempting to want to stay in my pajamas and hide under the covers until the sun comes out. Sometimes weather can really put a damper on our day. That’s not the only thing that keeps us dissatisfied, though. Every now and then we need a pick-me-up to raise our spirits and help us feel happier. So today for “Tips Tuesday“, here are 6 tips to live a happier life.

1.) Do something you enjoy every day.

Tips to Live a Happier Life

I really love crocheting. My husband enjoys reading. Both of us make time every day to do the things we really like doing. This helps us feel better about the day and be more satisfied with how we’ve spent our time. Choosing activities that are enriching can also be very fulfilling. In both instances, we are challenging ourselves and learning new things.

When we lead busy lives, we sometimes find ourselves only doing things that we feel are obligations. Choosing to do something that’s not an obligation is what can help you feel happier and less stressed. Put aside all the to-do’s for an hour or so every day and focus on doing things that bring you joy.

2.) Get organized.

Tips to Live a Happier LIfe

This time last year, I decided to go minimalist. While it’s an ongoing process for me, the idea of letting go of useless things and organize what I have felt so freeing. In fact, we sold a lot of our things that we weren’t using and then used the cash to take a vacation! Getting rid of the clutter and then organizing the things that are left can help you feel a little lighter.

Clutter can be psychologically distracting and make us feel bogged down and overwhelmed. However, imagine your home having only the things you need in their own places. No more clutter. No more mental and physical distraction. Only useful and enjoyable things. You’d be amazed at how much stuff you have around the house you don’t need anymore. Get rid of it. You’ll feel so much better.

3.) Try Yoga or Stretching.

Tips to Life a Happier Life

I started doing yoga last year and I can’t tell you how much it changed my level of enjoyment in my life. Stretching and growing in strength and flexibility not only feels good, but helps you feel stronger and better physically. I remember the first time I did a side plank. I didn’t think I was capable of doing something I considered so challenging. Once I did it, though, it was so fulfilling!

You might not think yoga is your thing, but I guarantee you’ve enjoyed a few stretches first thing in the morning. Take that enjoyment and apply it before bed as well. It will help you feel better and get a better night’s sleep.

4.) Connect socially.

Tips to Live a Happier Life

We sometimes live our social life on social media. Get out of the house and do something with a friend. Connect with your spouse. Do something with your children. Basically, get out from behind the screen and have a face-to-face connection with another human being.

We’ve gotten so used to relying on texting and social media, that we’ve secluded ourselves socially. Your social life can not be fully satisfying from behind a screen. Challenge yourself to do something with a friend that helps enrich your relationship and enjoy something without the use of technology.

5.) Tap in to your faith.

Tips to Live a Happier Life

My faith is incredibly important to me. However, there seems to be days when all the stuff I need to do gets in the way of my spiritual health. I don’t expect every one who reads this to share my religious views. However, there is likely some level of faith and spirtituality deep inside of you that you don’t regularly give attention to.

For me, spending time in prayer and reading the Bible help to melt my stress away. My faith for me is very real because I’ve experienced God in so many real and miraculous ways in my life. One day, I may tell you some of my personal stories that made God so real to me personally. For now, though, I would challenge you to focus on what you believe and why you believe it. Sometimes tapping in to the deeper things of life can make all the noise we encounter so insignificant.

6.) Do a good deed.

Tips to Live a Happier Life

It doesn’t have to be huge. It can be something as simple as holding a door open for someone or giving a smile. For me, doing these things flows out of my faith pretty easily. Doing good things for others can help us feel happier and more satisfied. Not only that, but it helps others feel happier and more satisfied. Has someone ever done a good deed for you? How did that change the course of your day or life?

What are things that help you feel happier in your life?


    • I would highly recommend the series “30 Days of Yoga” on the Yoga with Adriene Youtube channel. She’s so great and I’ve loved using her videos for a home-guided yoga practice.

  • Yoga totally changed my life, too! I think I need to work on #4. I started working at a wine shop part time because my full time (work-from-home) gig meant some days the only other human being I saw the whole day was my husband. Now it’s getting to the point where I need to put all my focus on my full time gig…but I’m scared to let go of the embedded human interactions that come from the shop!

  • These are so helpful tips and I would love to practice them more, as the yoga for example. Lately, I am trying to be present at the moment, they say works miracles as well.

  • I’ve started yoga and its so engaging and really its def for everyone i was def not happy with the idea of it at first. I thought you had to be a certain type of person but its good

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