A Review of Jackfruit

A Review of Jackfruit

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Happy “What I Did Wednesday“! Today I want to share with you something I did this week that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve been seeing all kinds of pins on Pinterest for recipes with jackfruit. All the pictures looked like this wonderful pulled pork. However, it wasn’t pulled pork at all. It was jackfruit! I immediately wanted to give this a shot. I love meat, but try to eat a mostly vegan diet. So if I could have my cake and eat it too, I definitely wanted the cake! So without any further ado, here is my review of jackfruit!

My first hurdle was finding out where to get it. Jackfruit is mostly found in tropical regions throughout the world. I don’t live anywhere near such tropical regions. I went to our local Natural Grocers and was looking around in their produce. I didn’t find any jackfruit. I had read people had found it in Asian markets, but we don’t have anything like that around town. Then, one day while shopping around in the same Natural Grocers, I found cans of jackfruit on a top shelf! I was so excited to now know where to get it. So this past week I picked up a can to try out. I’ll add, I found it is also available on Amazon for those who want to give it a shot themselves.

Native Forest Organic Young Jackfruit, 14 oz

I was going to hold off and wait until I could find some really awesome, sugar-free barbecue sauce, but my curiosity overcame me. So I whipped up some of my own sauce that I wasn’t so crazy about. I decided to half the can and try it with the homemade sauce. If I didn’t like it, I could have a second chance at trying it with a better sauce. Sometimes it takes me a time or two to decide if I like something or not, so I was prepared for that possibility.

A Review of Jackfruit

I opened the can and was a little weirded out. D said it looked like some sort of Spam. Though, I can honestly say I’ve never had Spam. To me, it looked like a cross between a squash and chicken. Despite its odd look, I was still pretty excited to give it a shot. So I put it in a little slow cooker and put some of the homemade BBQ sauce in it. I set it on high for a couple hours and then it looked like it was close to being done, so I dropped it down to low heat. After about 4 hours total, I pulled it with a couple of forks to shred it. I then took a bite.

A Review of Jackfruit

Sadly, I wasn’t impressed. At the same time, I don’t believe it was fully the jackfruit that turned me off. I admit the barbecue sauce might’ve had something to do with it. It looked incredibly similar to pulled pork, though. The texture was a little off for me. It’s a bit softer and I was thinking it was going to be a little more similar to meat. I definitely think that it would’ve been enjoyable on a bun. I don’t think it would be something that I would eat without it being on something or in something.

A Review of Jackfruit


A Review of Jackfruit

That said, I do think I’ll give it one more shot with a better sauce in the near future. I’ll also be prepared to put it on a bun or tortilla the next time. It was still pretty amazing how similar it was to actual meat. However, I’m holding my enthusiasm just a little longer for this one.

What about you? Have you ever tried jackfruit or would you? Are there any other meat or cheese alternatives that you’ve found to really love?


    • It is really interesting. It basically absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook it in. So it doesn’t have much of a flavor itself.

  • Would love to try jackfruit! I’ve never even heard of it, is it always canned or am I able to find fresh somewhere? I love all things fresh haha.

    • The only place I believe it can be found fresh is in Asian markets. We don’t have any Asian markets nearby and everywhere else I checked doesn’t have it. I’d be interested in knowing if there’s much of a difference between fresh and canned! Let me know if you’re able to find it where you are! I’m so curious!

  • My mom swears by the stuff (she loves to make jackfruit sloppy joes) but I just can’t get on board. Something about the texture skeeves me out! My fave meat alternative at the moment is tempeh. I like to skewer cubes of it on a kebab with veggies and grill them up, served with BBQ sauce or chimmichurri sauce! Yum!

  • I had some from the farmers market and it just reminded me of candy. I haven’t tried it with barbeque sauce tho. Maybe I will try that! I have some vegan friends who really swear by it.

  • I’m born and raised with jackfruit around my home in Indonesia. So, this pic just remind me of how cheap and easy to find jackfruit when I still living in Indonesia and to pick them directly from the tree in variable from green to yellow. In my country, jackfruit we have 2 things, when still green we can cook them for veggie(like curry or salad). But when already yellow, we can eat them for fruit and we can make for so many dessert with coconut milk and some other fruits. Since now, I living in Germany a bit difficult to find a fresh jackfruit, so I also bought it in jar at Asia Supermarket. xo

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