Crochet Flower Spring Wreath


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Snow and Easter should never be said in the same sentence. One might have thought it was an April Fool’s joke, but it wasn’t. Yesterday, it was our reality. It made me wonder if Spring would actually ever make it or if we’d be stuck in the frozen tundra forever. For “Made it Monday“, I was determined to embrace Spring in all it’s glory despite the current weather conditions. So today, I want to show you my crochet flower spring wreath!


This whole wreath is pretty inexpensive to make. The wire wreath structure and jute twine came from the Dollar Tree. Then I used yarn I had on hand to create the leaves and flowers. Last Monday I shared with you how I make my yarn daisies. For the rest, I picked a few patterns I found on Pinterest. I’m very pleased with how it came out and intend to make more in the future. Since the materials only cost me $3, plus what I already had on hand, I felt like it was well worth the time!


You’ll Need:

Wire Wreath

Jute Twine (About 300 feet)


Various colors of yarn

Glue gun

Size I crochet hook

1. Wrap the wreath with twine.

I started off wrapping the twine firmly (but not too firm) around the wire wreath. I kept the strands as close together as possible. Once I made it all the way around this way, I went around again to fill in gaps where I could see through the strands of the first pass.

2. Crochet flowers.

Besides my yarn daisies, I found these patterns using Pinterest. If you would like to use the same, I have a round-up of all the links for these:

Crochet Leaf

Large Rose

Small Rose

Small Flower

Yarn Daisy

3. Attach flowers to wreath with glue gun.

I first arranged the flowers how I liked them on the wreath. Then, I took a glue gun to fix them to it. Arranging leaves behind the flowers themselves really made the wreath look more realistic and more full. You can decorate with them all the way around, or just a portion of the wreath leaving the rest to be the exposed twine.

4. Attach hanging loop.

You can tie a ribbon around the top for hanging or glue a loop of the twine to the back to hang on a hook.

This project was inexpensive, simple, and so beautiful in the end. I hadn’t ever made my own wreath, so I loved marrying my love of crochet to a new project with a new outcome!

What do you think? Will you be trying something like this?


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