Crochet Sweater Wrap

Crochet sweater wrap

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I have been so excited for this “Made it Monday” post I can hardly contain it! Last week, I showed you my v-stitch crochet infinity scarf. This week’s is by far my biggest, most involved project. I made myself a crochet sweater shrug and wore it for the first time last Sunday. It got so many compliments!


I got this gorgeous pattern from Make and Do Crew. There are a few variations (yarn type and color) to fit my personal style. I chose Lion Brand Yarn Heartland in Great Smokey Mountains. It took me about 5 skeins of yarn to complete. I used the pattern for the small and medium, but I really feel like this could also fit a large. Given the difference in yarns, this came out to be a tad bigger than the picture on the pattern, but I really liked the length and bulk. It was definitely a very warm layer and incredibly cozy. I can see myself wearing this around the house for some extra warmth!

The pattern itself was based off a rectangle shape. It was done entirely in double crochet stitches throughout. You have to do a little stitching together parts, but the pattern itself gives a tutorial on how to do a couch stitch.ย  This took me about two weeks to complete and I worked on it a couple hours a day. Overall, that’s faster than I knew making an item of clothing could be.


After finishing this particular project, I really feel like the sky is the limit in terms of crochet items I could make. Doing a bigger project made me feel a little more confident and inspired me to try out some more involved projects. I tend to like immediate gratification, so longer projects are harder for me to get excited about But as soon as I finished this one, I was over the moon!

What do you think? What would be your color choice? What style elements would you keep or change?

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