Don’t Work Yourself Lazy

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In this society of “self-care” and “self-love”, I have begun to wonder if we’ve worked ourselves lazy. How can the words “work” and “lazy” be used in the same sentence? Easy. We run around in circles all day getting absolutely nothing productive accomplished only to crash on the couch to Netflix binge. We shrink from face-to-face interaction because we just don’t have the energy to talk to people or, God-forbid, listen to people. We live in piles of stuff we don’t have time to organize, so we spend what little downtime we have moving stuff from one room to another never really stopping to take inventory of what it is or if we need it. I’m guilty of all this. So many things have gone undone, yet I’m exhausted at the end of the day.

Coming in to 2019, I knew I needed to make some major lifestyle changes. New things are coming for us this year, and I needed to be at my absolute best self. While there’s this negative stigma out there about New Years Resolutions, I’m of the belief that if you’re given a clean page, start strong. That’s exactly what I intended to do and what I’ve done for the past week of this New Year. I stuck to my resolution last year (more on that to come). I intend to do the same this year. My plan was to address the three areas; mind, body and spirit.

Mind: Minimize and Organize

The storm in my mind is really due to the chaos around me. My environment and current situation weighs heavy on mind at all times. The physical clutter drives me crazy. So I’ve set the intention to get rid of things that are unnecessary and then organize what is necessary.

This week that came in the form of a complete email purge (of over 15,000 emails). Along with that, I’ve set a cleaning schedule that will give me daily chores that will help me keep the house tidy in just around 20-30 minutes a day. After doing that this week, I’m really not sure why I haven’t always done this. In the future, I’ll be sharing this list for you to adjust and use yourself. I’ve also been making our bed every day which, surprisingly made me feel more centered in my mind than ever.

Body: Eat Smart and Move

Since we’ve moved to Missouri, I don’t really eat with intention. I spent 2 years before we moved here eating a vegan diet and that didn’t come easy once we got to a more carnivorous state. When I was eating the vegan diet, I was in the best health of my entire adulthood. I lost all that once I let convenience rule the day. I have discovered a love for yoga while living here, but it’s best to pair healthy eating with physical activity. That’s also not mentioning the last few months I’ve felt completely unmotivated to do any yoga.

I decided that for the first 100 days of 2019, I will eat a vegan diet and do yoga every day. The vegan diet has come pretty easy despite our geography, but we were only faced with eating out once this week. Luckily, it was a buffet with a great salad bar! Yoga, though, was pretty difficult. I’ve lost a lot of my upper body strength and flexibility since I stopped doing yoga. I know that it will get easier and I’m looking forward to that!

Spirit: Pray and Study

Sometimes it’s really hard to focus on my spiritual life. Yes, I’m a pastor’s wife and a minister in my own right. However, we’re not immune to becoming so busy that our prayer and study are a little empty or done out of obligation. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything else if this wasn’t at the very center of everything else I was working on.

So I set myself to be more intentional on scripture and prayer. I received “100 Days to Brave” devotional that I started and take time first thing in the morning to study and pray. It sets the tone for the day and helps me start it in quietness and stillness. It’s been my favorite thing so far and I’ve been so spiritually fed because of it.

It’s been one week now and I’ve managed to keep up with all of these intentions with quite a bit of ease. In fact, I feel happier and more relaxed. I’m getting things checked off a list of to-dos that have been sitting there for quite some time. Sure, I’m not couch surfing nearly as long in the evenings, but I’m also not missing it. No more working myself lazy. I’m working smarter, not harder. Why haven’t I done this all along?


  • wise advice thank you – I’ve practised yoga for about 15 years – it’s made such a different to my health and wellbeing. I follow ester ekhart on yt when I can’t get to a class. I hope you can get back into the yoga and vegan groove.
    love Bec 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I’ll have to look up Ester! I do Yoga with Adriene and I love it! So far, so good. I love the results I see…improved flexibility and strength. It’s fantastic!

  • This is such incredible advice, and some I was in need of hearing. You’re right that it’s so important to start strong when you’re given a fresh start. Thank you for sharing these lifestyle tips!

  • These lifestyle tips are easy to follow but very much ignored. I’m motivated. Looking forward to do yoga and ofc eat smart. Eat only when hungry, not bored. Eat balanced diet.

    • So true…you really need to want to make a change to make it work! I keep thinking, “Why haven’t I always done this?!”

  • I really get your perspective! It is true we work ourselves to achieving absolutely nothing and then we complain we haven’t got time or the energy to do something meaningful. It is so important to align our thoughts, body and needs to do things really making living worthwhile.

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