Friedrich’s Market: Saint Joseph, Missouri

Friedrich's Market in Saint Joseph, Missouri

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For this episode of “What I Did Wednesday“, I want to tell you about a charming little place I experienced for the first time this weekend. An urban fresh food market nestled in the ever-developing downtown Saint Joseph, Missouri, Friedrich’s Market stands out as unique and adorable. D and I had passed by several times and I was always curious about what was inside. So, after a nice breakfast, D took me by and we popped in.

Right off the bat, I was impressed with its rustic feel. I felt like I was stepping back in time to a grocery store of the late 19th century. Its charm was by far my favorite part of the experience! We looked around for a bit and saw several wonderful items that I’ll be sure to return for in the future. Things like locally grown produce, fresh-baked breads and honey were among the wonderful items you can find in this market. Along with that, we found salsa, jams and dip mixes that looked delicious.

Friendrich's Market

In the back corner of the market was a couple of refrigerators with drinks, meats and dairy products. Seeing the variety, D and I thought about such a cute date idea. With warmer weather around the corner, we thought it would be so wonderful to pop in one day and gather some of these items for a picnic. Considering plenty of the items are unique in their own right, we can try some new things and have a wonderful date experience.

Friedrich's Market

Friedrich's Market

Friedrich's Market

I couldn’t leave empty-handed! On one display shelf, I found coffee incense! I was intrigued and had to give it a shot. I will say, I can see how you could draw similarities between the smell and coffee, but I did expect more of a coffee scent. Nonetheless, it was still unique and something I’ve never seen before.

Coffee incense

One thing we did find out while checking out is Friedrich’s offers a weekend meal box. For $25 per meal, you get 4-6 servings of the weekly meal. The kit includes everything you’ll need to make a delicious dish. I think the price is perfect especially if you’re having a small dinner party and I’m sure we’ll eventually give this a try. The price seems great for the experience that you get along with a tasty meal. That’s not something you can get during dinner out in the area, especially for that price.

Friedrich's Market

Friedrich's Market

Most people might not have Saint Joseph on their bucket list, but things like this make the area so worth the visit. Between the deep history and the current charm, people can definitely enjoy what this area has to offer. If you live in the area, I’d highly recommend stopping by and seeing what catches our attention. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to highlight some more charms about my hometown.

Have you ever been to an urban market like this? What things would you hope to see?


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