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Welcome to my new digs! Some of you may have followed me over from karilife.com and some of you may be seeing my words for the very first time. At any rate, welcome! I wanted to take a second to introduce myself and let you know what to expect from “Life Kari Style”.

First of all, my name is Kari. My husband and I currently reside in Missouri and pastor a small church here. We’ve been married almost 4 years now, but we’ve known each other for 18 years! I enjoy doing so many things and love to share my newest experiments and adventures. I’m also keen on sharing what I’ve learned to make life easier for someone else.

I’m a devoted Christian who loves the Lord. If that’s not you, that’s okay. You’re bound to find something else to like about me (at least I hope)! I love coffee. I’m passionate about crafting. My main crafts usually include yarn or vinyl, but I don’t discriminate. I also eat a mostly vegan diet for health purposes and have recently gotten into yoga.  I enjoy traveling and try to do so as much as possible. We haven’t had any children yet, so I don’t have much to say about that (other the occasional rant about why people keep asking me if I’m pregnant).

Here’s what you can expect each week from me:

Made it Monday:

Mondays I will be blogging about something I’ve crafted. Most of my projects come from Pinterest, but a few come from my own brain. I’ll show you where I got the idea and how I did it.

Tech Tuesday:

I’m a big fan of technology! So every Tuesday I’ll be sharing with you my newest tech discovery. From electronics to apps that will make you a few extra dollars, I’ll likely touch on it all!

What I Did Wednesday:

If you’re a fan of getting a sneak peek into a complete stranger’s life, these posts will be right up your alley. I’ll share my latest traveling adventures and my otherwise daily randomness. The people who know me are often in awe at how many interesting things happen in my everyday life. Not many of which do I ever sign up for.

Think About it Thursday:

I’ll be sharing my take on whatever I’m thinking about at the time. I assure you, there’s no limit here either.

Foodie Friday:

Whether you’re looking for vegan dinner options or just easy meals of the carnivorous variety, I’ll be sharing it all. I’ll also be sharing how I eat vegan while my husband is a fan of the meat. You have to get creative, but we’ve made it work.

If you want to be updated when a new post has been made, make sure you subscribe at the top of the page! Or, personally join me on one of my social media platforms (in the sidebar of this page). Otherwise, feel free to leave me comments, suggestions or questions for upcoming posts!


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