How To Make Yarn Daisies

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Well, folks, it’s supposed to be Spring. You wouldn’t know it by the weather yet, but it’s officially official. I’ve decided to make it look like Spring despite how it might feel outside. So for “Made it Monday“, I want to show you how to make yarn daisies! They are so adorable and will hopefully add a Spring flair to your decor. Stay tuned because next week I’ll be doing something more with these daisies. I’m pretty excited about it!

For this, I used a bloom knitting loom. They are very inexpensive and typically come with a hook and darning needle.

You will need:

*2 colors of yarn (white and yellow is what I used)


*darning needle


*knitting loom

1. Wrap end of main color yarn around anchoring peg.

yarn daisies

2. Pull yarn across the loom to the other side. Wrap around the peg from left to right.

yarn daisies

3. Bring back across the other side of the loom to an adjacent peg and wrap from left to right. 

yarn daisies

4. Repeat around the loom five times to create petals.

yarn daisies

5. Cut yarn and bring both ends around to back side and tie securely.

yarn daisies

6. With about 2 feet of contrasting color, use darning needle to sew in between each set of petals to create the middle. Repeat around until white yarn is no longer showing through in the middle.

yarn daisies

yarn daisies

7. Bring both ends of the yellow yarn to the back and tie securely. Trim ends. Using the hook, slip each grouping of petals off each peg to detach. And you have a beautiful yarn daisy!

yarn daisies

I would love to see your daisy creations! If you give this a try, let me know! How have you been trying to make it feel like Spring?


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