I’m Trying to Grow Vegetables

I'm Trying to Grow Vegetables

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This happens to me every year. Spring begins and I suddenly have dreams of lush vegetable gardens. I’ve tried to do this now nearly every year with no success. I’m not sure what color my thumb is, but it is not green. I’ve spent tons of money just trying to have something to harvest and end up being disappointed every time. I’ve got the itch again, but have decided not to spend a bunch of money doing something that’s probably going to fail. In fact, I’ve spent $3 on this year’s vegetable garden. So for “What I Did Wednesday“, I’m growing vegetables and this is how I’m doing it.

Saving the seeds

It makes the most sense to use what I already have. We eat lots of fresh vegetables every week and I throw a million seeds away. Well, I decided I’d use those seeds to grow more vegetables that we eat regularly. I did, however, buy some green onion seeds because I love them and I have no idea how to get a green onion seed otherwise. I’m also trying my hand at growing an avocado tree. Sure, I live in the midwest and that may not actually work, but I don’t care. I love avocados. I’m literally throwing caution to the wind here.

Growing An Avocado Tree

Dollar Tree

I love the Dollar Tree. Anytime I can buy something cool for a dollar, I’m happy. Well, I bought a seed starter tray and seed starter soil. This is also where I got the green onion seeds. I added water to the soil and put the soil in the trays. I poked little holes and dropped a few seeds in. There wasn’t any science to this, I just put a few in there and covered them up. You should probably not take any gardening lessons from me. Unless, of course, this works.

Using what I have

I used some little clothes pins I had to mark each row and stuck it all in a zip lock bag to make my own little green house. I don’t know if this is gonna work, but I’m experimenting afterall. Watch this be my one successful year. That would be awesome.

I'm Trying to Grow Vegetables

I'm Trying to Grow Vegetables


This is the hardest part for me. I’ve gone in to look at this tray for the last 3 days. I don’t know what I’m expecting to see this early in the game, but if I see something sprout up, I’m throwing a party. I’m not real great at being patient, so this is probably a good life exercise for me. Also, I feel like I really need to learn how to do this in case the apocolypse ever happens. I don’t want to be forced to live on canned food until it runs out or expires. That would be a horrible way to live.  Let’s hope this is my year.

Obviously, I’m being a little silly today. Have you ever had any success growing your own vegetables? How did you do it? Was it super simple or did you go all out?


  • The only success I ever had was when I was about 12 years old and I took a handful of tomato seeds, threw them out in a patch of dirt, and forgot about them. Before I knew it we had tomatoes coming out our ears. Didn’t even pay attention to them and we had a multitude. LOL

  • I’m currently rooting my avocado seed. It won’t grow into a tree as I can’t put it outside, they can’t stand cold so it wouldn’t make it through the -30’C degree winters we have here haha. Although it makes a lovely indoor plant 🙂 fingers crossed I won’t kill it! I tend to kill all my plants.

  • That’s a cool idea! My issue is that every single plants hates living with me – I mean I’ve even made like 10 little cactuses die trying to have plants haha. For me only successful thing has been growing herbs during the summertime. It’s nice to have pretty plants you can also eat, yum! I hope your project will be successful. 🙂

  • One summer I got VERY ambitious and set up a whole container garden on the back landing of my apartment. Peppers (bell and chili) and herbs did the best but everything else I tried for didn’t really pan out (cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes). I don’t have much of a green thumb but it was fun anyways! The waiting part was definitely the worst! I’d like to give it another try when we have a house with a yard.

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