Move That Body: Affordable Fitness Options to Get You Moving

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Week 3 of “Operation Get-My-Life-Together” is in the books! Last week I shared my cleaning routine that only takes 20 minutes a day! That’s still going strong! It’s wonderful to have a clean house all the time and it definitely keeps me focused on other important projects. So another facet of my goals for this year is fitness. I don’t necessarily have the budget for a gym membership, but I do have the motivation to get and stay fit. So today I wanted to share some affordable fitness options! And by affordable, I mean free.

My favorite solution? YOUTUBE! There’s a ton of great workout channels out there! You’re likely to find something that suites your fancy. And the best thing? It won’t cost you a thing! No monthly membership fees. No shelling out money per class. You’ve got a host of fitness experts at your fingertips!

If you like the social aspect of working out, I highly suggest inviting a friend do the same workouts. You don’t even have to do them together, just do the same ones on the same days. Then you’ll have someone to say, “Wow! That workout kicked my butt today!” My VIP, Aubree, has been doing this 30-day stretch with me and it keeps me motivated to know I’ve got someone to talk to about it.

1. Yoga with Adriene

This is my current obsession! I discovered this channel a little over a year ago. Yoga is the first physical exercise I’ve done that I’ve actually enjoyed. I’m not a big fan of high-intensity, high-impact workouts. I hate feeling like I’m dying just to keep myself alive. Yoga gave me a way to move intentionally while building strength, flexibility and endurance. It’s making me stronger so maybe I’ll start liking all those other things. Maybe not running, though. Definitely not running.

I do miss getting my yoga pool side these days. But, the joy of YouTube is you can take it anywhere!

I also love Adriene’s personality. She’s not afraid of being real and she’s also aware that people following along with her might not be yoga experts. If there’s a pose you find difficult, she gives you the permission to give yourself grace and keep trying.

2. POPSUGAR Fitness

This is a channel I’ve been keeping a close eye on. They’ve got such a wide variety of workouts available. If you like the high-intensity workouts, this one has a ton of them along with strength training and boot camps. Want a little barre training? Are you an expectant mother? You’re likely to find the kind of workout you’re looking for here. And it won’t cost you a dime!

3. Shine Dance Fitness

If I’m going to do cardio, it better be fun! That’s why this channel is on my list. How about a little dance fitness? These videos look like so much fun. AND…no one will know what a dork I’ll look like at first except my husband (and I guarantee it isn’t the dorkiest thing he’s seen from me). But I’m also hoping I learn some pretty sweet dance moves that I can eventually break out and wow people with later on.

Do you have a favorite YouTube fitness channel? I need to hear about it! If not a YouTube channel, what other budget-friendly fitness ideas do you have? Besides, running, of course!



  • There are so many fantastic options online now for fitness that joining a gym really isn’t necessary as long as you have the motivation to workout at home. I for one have to be in a gym to work out but I have definitely used my share of videos over the years.

    • I feel like YouTube solves a lot of problems. lol! Want to learn how to speak Spanish? YouTube. Want to learn how to knit? YouTube! But for some reason fitness options skipped my mind until I discovered Yoga with Adriene. I think I would love the gym during the mild weather months (more for social reasons), but I’ve also saved my pride working out at home. lol!

    • Right?! Once I started doing it that way, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before. I just didn’t exercise. Now I think since I’m aware that it’s accessible, I don’t have so many reasons not to!

    • I just started her “Dedicate: 30-day Yoga Journey”. Highly recommend! Starts off pretty intense, but evens out as you get into it.

    • Oh my goodness…she is so great! I think you will love it. Had I not found her, I’d probably still be making excuses for not working out. lol!

    • Right?! Looks like so much fun! I’d suggest Yoga with Adriene to try first UNLESS you like hardcore working out (I don’t). lol!

    • I’m building my list for when my husband and I decide to start having kids. I did watch Yoga with Adriene’s “Yoga for Pregnancy” and I’m sold! lol!

    • I would HIGHLY recommend trying Yoga once. I never thought it would be something I would like and I always thought you had to be flexible to do it. But both of those myths were busted right away. It’s like having a really good stretch and helps me sleep like a baby! But, yeah…dance fitness is my jam when I just wanna have some fun and burn off some energy (when I have it). lol!

  • I have been doing yoga for over ten years and even now I try to find a more challenging way and I’ve successfully always found it in the art of yoga. Thanks for the recommendations.

  • I sometimes use YoutTube for fitness and then I choose whatever suits me at the time. I do not have like any one progam that I follow. I like running outdoor.

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