Top 5 Reasons Being An Aunt is Awesome

Reasons Why Being An Aunt is Awesome

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It’s “What I Did Wednesday” and I wanted to share what’s been going on in my world. From the title, you may gather it has something to do with being an aunt. You would be correct! My husband and I traveled to see our family in Tennessee last week. We were pretty busy the whole time, so it flew by much quicker than we anticipated. During that trip, we got to spend some quality time with our youngest nephew. We have a niece and nephew here in Missouri and then one back in Tennessee. I know how it is to miss the first couple years of a young niece or nephew’s life since we did that with our first two. Now, we’re having to do it again with this one. We try very hard to make it back every couple months so we don’t miss too much. There’s something so special about being an aunt and uncle when you don’t have any children of your own yet. In some ways, I feel like it strengthens our bond with them. We have no other children demanding our time and attention. They are it right now. We love them like our own. Since we’re just coming off of a week of snuggles and laughs, I thought I’d recap by sharing the top 5 reasons being an aunt is awesome.

1.) You get to do the fun stuff without being sleep deprived.

My sister-in-law is a boss mom in her own right. She is working hard in her career and coming home to take care of a little one and lacking in sleep at the same time. I don’t know how she does it. This week, we got to do all the playing and snuggling. Then we went to bed at a decent hour and got a full night of uninterrupted sleep. This is most definitely a perk of being an aunt right now. This is a major reason why there are days I question my desire to have children of my own. Don’t worry, Mom, we will eventually. I think. It would be hard to get up every couple of hours to a human alarm clock. Only on children, there is no snooze button!

2.) You get to spoil them.

I’d probably spoil my own kids too. But it brings me joy to shower my nephews and niece with love in the form of toys and books…and clothes! I love seeing the looks on their faces when they enjoy something I’ve picked out for them. Even if that something is the cardboard box the actual item came in.

3.) You get to practice for your own.

My siblings get to be the guinea pigs for bringing babies into our family. It’s kind of nice. They get to work out all the awkward, difficult dynamics before we do. There was a time I thought I’d have to do all that (since I’m the oldest), but they beat me to the punch. I’m thankful for it. On top of that, you get to see these little ones through every phase of their life. You get to be an observer and sometimes a participant. That’ll only deepen the wealth of knowledge you have when your own comes along.

4.) You get to be cool.

If I’m in the room and my niece or nephews are present, I get down on the floor and play with them. In some instances, that’s where I’d rather be. When you give a kid attention like that, they love you for it. You become their friend. They’ll look up to you because you listen to them and give them your time. I’m determined to be the cool aunt who is also very practical. No, I’m not going to be helping them get a fake ID. However, I will take them out to a concert or watch them doing their favorite activities when they get older. At the same time, I am determined to offer sage advice. Hopefully, my coolness in their eyes will help them be receptive to such wisdom.

5.) You get to make an impact on the next generation.

While you can do this with any children, when they are related to you, your ability to really do something deep is that much greater. I have 3 little people in my life right now that I can be an example to. Maybe something they learn from me will have a ripple effect into generations that follow. Maybe part of my legacy can live on through them as they grow into adults. My span and reach can be that much greater than just my own children when I take the time and make the effort to pour into my siblings’ children. I intend to do that with all of them…even if there’s 20 of them!

Being an aunt is one of the most rewarding jobs for me right now. I intend to rock at it long after I’ve had my own children. What about you? Are you an aunt or an uncle? What kind of perks have you encountered in that role?

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