What to Do When You Have a Bad Day

What To Do When You Have a Bad Day

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Yesterday was a pretty bad day. I’m ridiculously bogged down with work and then when I decided to take a shower, the pipes on our church campus (where our house is) decided to tucker out on us. Thus, we had to shut off the water. That happened the minute I stepped into the shower. So, here I am 24 hours later…showerless. The last week has seemed like a comedy of errors and I’ve put on a brave face. Then yesterday happened and I didn’t think I could hold it together. In the quiet of last night, though, I decided to gain some much-needed perspective. Sure, I wrote about how to live a happier life this week, and those things remain. But sometimes you just have to deal with a bad day. So today for “Think About it Thursday“, we’ll look at what to do when you have a bad day.

Fight the Battle in Your Mind

Perspective is a funny thing. We don’t have running water right now. It’s easy to have a pity party about that fact. Then I think, “There are actually people in other countries who don’t have ANY access to running water.” Truth. Bomb. That one exploded right in my face. I actually had the ability to go buy some jugs of water from the store to use the bathroom and clean with. There are actually people in my immediate circle who have it worse than me today and I’m complaining because I have to manually pour water in the tank of the toilet to use it.

The first step to dealing with a bad day is think about the situation you’re in, accept it and then realize that compared to a lot of others, it’s really not that bad. It’s a temporary inconvenience that, once it passes, will be history. Take one step at a time in the process of making it through. If you start in the mind, the rest will become a little easier. You’re okay. It’s not that bad. It’s only temporary.

Fight the Battle in Your Body

As usual, I’m going to mention yoga. It’s quite helpful in gaining strength and flexibility in your body, but it’s also helpful to physically let things go. Today’s yoga was focused on “Letting it Go.” When I saw that title, it definitely looked like something I needed and it sure was! One of the moves had me swinging my arms freely from one side to the other side and it felt incredible! When we’re overwhelmed and bogged down with stress and anxiety, our muscles tense and our body draws into itself. Doing that made me feel like I was unraveling my twisted up physical self.

If yoga isn’t your thing, it may be going for a run. Think of yourself running away from all the stressors and feel the freedom of the wind whipping past your face. Maybe you like pulling a “Meredith and Christina” moment (yeah, I just referenced Grey’s Anatomy) and dance it out. Whatever it is, get your body moving in a way that feels positive to you and helps to release tension.

Fight the Battle in Your Heart

Bad days are things that definitely bring about emotion. You may cry. You may become angry. You may crawl into bed and hide under the covers. What you’re really looking for is comfort for your disappointed, discontented heart. The way I fight the battle in my heart is through connecting with the people I know love me. My husband is the first person I go to for this kind of loving care. I sort of unloaded all my stress on him and poured it all out of me. Somehow he looked through his teary-eyed face of a wife and loved me. When I had crawled into my bed to hide away from it all, he crawled in there with me and wrapped his arms around me.

For some, it may be a parent or family member. For others, it’s a close friend. When you have a bad day, go to that person who has your best interest at heart and allow them to love you. They may love you to laughter. They may wrap their arms around you. They may just listen and sympathize. You know who those people are. Let them be your partner in the battle in your heart.

Fight the Battle in Your Spirit

Bad days have a way of pulling everything in us down. Before you know it, we’re feeling everything so deeply and hopelessness lingers around every corner. Like I shared Tuesday, faith is a huge part of my life. I don’t always think about the spiritual aspects first. After I don’t, I think about how much I should. Prayer for me, though, is how I fight the battle in my spirit. I know I can pour my heart out to God and He listens. He knows even the things I haven’t spoken. He’s also the one that lovingly reminds me it’s not so bad by bringing to my mind all the blessings I do have.

Maybe prayer isn’t part of your life. While I would suggest you give it a try, I understand not everyone is me. At any rate, maybe try sitting in silence for a bit. Maybe stare out at nature and marvel at the moments outside of your current situation. My husband and I literally watched birds bathe in a puddle across the street yesterday. Best 20 minutes of the day! Get out of the negative space and allow yourself to be filled with life and hope.

Hopefully this isn’t a bad day for you. Though, if it is, I hope you’ve taken something away from my moment of exhortation. Today I’ll be trying to structure a better mind, heart, body and spirit than I had yesterday.

What do you do on a bad day to help lighten the heaviness?

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