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Today is “What I Did Wednesday“! While I’d love to tell you I’ve been out galavanting in Italy or breaking a world record, I can’t say that I have. Over the weekend, I was pretty lazy. During the work week, I was hustlin’ without much time for anything else. However, my awesome friend Amber over at Will Run for Sweet Tea started a journaling group and selected the Wreck This Journal for the first project. You’ll remember Amber from her recent guest post on her journey with BRCA1. If you haven’t read it, you should! However, I decided to jump on this opportunity with Amber and her crew because I already owned the book. In fact, it had been sitting on my bookshelf for years. There’s a story there, though, I’d like to tell you first.

I got the book as a gift from my “guy friend” several years ago as one of many Christmas gifts. We had spent Christmas apart, so we were together on New Years Eve exchanging gifts. He spaced out the gifts over about an hour right before midnight. This gift was about halfway through the bunch he showered me with. I remember opening it and joking that it terrified me. The “Wreck This Journal” isn’t a compilation of beautifully composed pages. In fact, you literally wreck it. I thought it was funny and cute. As I made my way through the gifts that night, I landed on the final one. He handed me a card and I read beautiful sentiments about our first Christmas together. The last line said, “Will you marry me?” I looked up to see that man on one knee with a gorgeous ring in hand. That man became my fiance…and then my husband. That’s right, I had this book the night of my engagement and it has sat on my bookshelf since.

I often wondered why I hadn’t started it. I resigned to the little internal voice inside my head saying, “You don’t really like wrecking things.” That voice was right. But then I saw Amber was doing this and I thought that maybe it was time to wreck it. Maybe I’d had it sitting on my shelf long enough and my experience with this group of women would be fun and beneficial enough to take something I’ve held on to for so long and use it to the very fullest it could be used.

Wreck This Journal

So that’s what I started on the first day of Spring. While it may seem like a silly adventure making my way through a cute journal, it’s both a challenge and a reward. I take an item that’s been kept in perfect condition and make something new of it. All the while I get to know women from states away following along the same process.

So far, the pages seem so interesting. In fact, one of the pages literally tells you to punch holes in it. Other pages have you make silly markings or use items from around the house to leave your mark inside. It’s fascinating and exciting and something I’m happy now to be enjoying. While my husband and I have been married for nearly 4 years now and it’s been well over 5 since I was gifted this, it reminds me of that day every time I look at it. That is going to make this experience so worth it!

Want to do it too? Pick up the Wreck This Journal at Amazon now! Let me know if you get it!


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